Sunday, 19 July 2009

So excited!

Today I went to visit Zeffy and I rode him for the first time since he's been at Ruth's! He felt just fantastic. And Ruth was brilliant - really helpful and encouraging. Just walked and trotted but he felt so light. Of course he's still a baby and needs clear guidance but I'm so thrilled with his progress! So he'll stay at Ruth's for another two weeks, with both Ruth and I riding him and then I'll fetch him at the end of July.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

A match made in heaven!

A little while since I posted! But two main bits of "news"!

First, Zeffy is still away with Ruth. She is doing an absolutely brilliant job with him and so I decided to make sure that this all important early work is well established before he comes home. I've been visiting him regularly and am thinking about fetching him at the end of July 'cos I'm taking him to August "camp", 4 day clinic with P in the New Forest at the end of August.

Second, it turns out that Ellie the mini Shetland was not in foal after all and so today we fetched her new companion Dafydd. The video was taken just after they'd met for the first time.