Friday, 11 September 2009

Going to see the great man himself!

First Bruce. I finally spoke to my vet early this morning (a bit p**d off that she didn't come back to me yesterday!) Bruce is booked in to the equine clinic next Wednesday afternoon and we'll start by x-raying his foot. When Rentska (Dutch) came to see him he came sound as soon as she nerve blocked his foot so she's agreed that the next step is diagnostics. I'm hoping that it's nothing more than a strain that's taking a little time to resolve but we must find out rather than leaving something that should be treated. In the meantime Bruce is fine. Not in any real discomfort .... but getting fat from lack of exercise!

Talking of fat .... Zeffy. Actually he's not too bad at the moment - the grass isn't really growing now. I've given up with the grazing muzzle as he become so adept at removing it within 5 minutes of me putting it on. So I'm trying him on a new herbal & mineral supplement called Slim and Sound. It's very effective because Zeffy hates it and so refuses to eat his dinner! I'm contemplating getting a lorry load and spreading it over the field!! In the meantime I've been adding a handful of mint to his meals and that's made it palatable enough for him to eat. Info on Slim and Sound:

Back on track today, I lunged Zeffy this morning and will ride him later.

Finally, I'm going to see Charles de Kunffy at the TTT (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust) in Surrey on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Charles is one of the regular International Trainers at TTT. Auditors are welcome but riders are by invitation only from among the instructor members of the TTT and it is quite an honour! My friend Ruth (who schooled Zeffy for a few weeks) is riding with Charles on Tuesday so I'm particularly looking forward to watching her lesson.


Danni said...

That's just vets I think, busy busy busy. Herding cats is easier! A positive reaction for a nerve block is a step forwards to an answer.

*sigh* fat horses, just a year-round headache really. Do keep your blog posted with how the supplement helps Mr Z.

And would love to hear any feedback for the Charles dK seminar. Very exciting for your friend to be riding with him :D

Claire said...

oh jealous, full report on that expected, LOL.

HorseOfCourse said...

Hope you get some answers after the x-ray, it is stressing when you haven't got a clear diagnosis.

And please write a report on the CdK seminar, I envy you!