Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Home on the Range!

.... where the rabbits and the foxes play .... (English, version - we do have deer but no antelopes in the UK as far as I'm aware!)

Well, I didn't make it to the Charles clinic. Ruth was too poorly to make the trip and although I could've gone by myself I'd've had to find accommodation and it all became too complicated and expensive!

On Saturday, Hannah came to give Captain his monthly treatment. She thought he was pretty good. A little tightness on his back on the left but quickly removed. He always seems to get this and as I'm not riding him it's most likely through the way he moves to compensate for his poor athritic hocks. Hannah thought it was less than usual and that the "work" (in-hand hacks and 5 minute in-hand schooling sessions and stretches) was helping him. I've been thinking of riding him again - just walking round the farm. Hannah suggested stepping up the in-hand work for the next month to prove or disprove her thoughts that he's better with work when she next treats him. Then, all being well, I'll introduce some ridden work and if he seems OK, Hannah will be able to see if it's helping or not. We both noticed that Captain's developed a bog spavin on his nearside hock. I hadn't spotted it before. I'm going to keep a close eye on it and him and unless he seems less comfortable than usual I'll leave well alone. No point in subjecting him to examinations, injections, etc unless he's clearly suffering.

Zeffy had a busy Saturday. First I took him to our local vets for his flu booster. Gunner came to babysit. When Cora and I arrived, the vet was out on an emergency call and we had to hang around for 30 minutes but both boys were good. When we got back to the yard Hannah had arrived, Zeffy was due for his first treatment (now he's being ridden) but when Hannah examined him she found a little tightness on both sides of his back towards where the back of the saddle sits. We looked at his saddle and it's not right. Great fit at the front - definately not too tight but toward the back the panels are slightly off his back. Saddles have got to be one of the worst nightmares!!! As he wasn't really sore, Hannah thought it would be better to treat him after I've sorted the saddle. So Barry's coming out tonight. In the meantime I've been using a suberpad between the numnah and saddle and Z's been quite happy. Patrice is with us on Friday and Saturday so I've been "practising" whether in the school or hacking and am pleased with our progress. The proof of the pudding will be what P thinks!

Bruce looks a little better but still not 100% So Mike's been practising lorry loading in preparation for Wednesday's trip to the vet. Bruce has been perfectly angelic almost self-loading.

Finally, today's title is in honour of Captain. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd bought a Barefoot Nevada saddle on impulse - hoping that a treeless saddle might be a short term answer for Zeffy while he was changing so quickly - but it was miles too long for him. Well, Captain looks just stunning in the saddle and Barefoot bridle in my eyes. Since I first saw him I've pictured him in Western tack. So for that reason I've not sold the saddle although this is clearly crazy as Captain's not being ridden!! Anyway yesterday we had a Captain Fantastic photo shoot!

Handsome boy!

One can only pose for so long, you know!

Better than a donkey! (2 year old Beatrix had just returned from the seaside!!)


Kate said...

Captain does look gorgeous in that saddle and bridle - and he looks like he knows it too!

Claire said...

all ready for when you start him back in ridden work, then! looks good!

trudi said...

yes Captain is indeed a handsome boy.

Danni said...

Very handsome boy :D

HorseOfCourse said...

Oh I had to laugh when I saw those pictures!
He is very content with himself, isn't he? He knows he is looking good!