Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lacking in Motivation!

Me that is! Again due to family business not the horses!! Thank goodness I have them to keep my sanity!!

So, Bruce first. He's still very slightly lame and on field rest although Mike's taking him for the odd walk around the yard sticking to concrete. Thankfully, as it's been so dry there's very little grass and so he's not putting weight on.

After his lesson with Patrice, I wanted to give Captain's body time to adjust and ensure that I wasn't overdoing it with him so for the last week just some in-hand walks, stretches and acupressure. He looks good so I'm going to take him in the school tonight for a "I think I can, I think I can" session. Just realised I haven't posted about the lesson. Really interesting - will do so in the next couple of days!

Zeffy. Patrice was pleased with our progress since camp and pronounced that now I had control of his shoulders it was time for his hind legs to come to the party! So our current work is mainly about encouraging him to stretch forward from the withers to engage his back and quarters. This is achieved by me helping him to move forwards in balance and then letting him reach forward. Bad description. Will try to refine it but my heads all over the place at the mo! I'm also concentrating on "straightness" using the whole of the arena and particularly the long sides. Any "miscommunication" or incorrect aiding from me sends him scurrying sideways - he even gave me half pass in my lesson! Unasked for of course!! This is brilliant training for me!!

Yesterday, Hannah came to treat Zeffy. She checked him last time she came to Captain and noticed a couple of tight spots. Nothing serious but we want to nip them in the bud. One area related to the saddle - my fault I actually took a wither trace and had it widened too much so it was lifting at the back. Not sore but a little tight. Barry came and adjusted the saddle last week - Hannah correctly wanted the saddle sorting first. Other than than, he's a little tight in both hamstrings. We guess purely from adjusting to carrying a rider. Hannah's given me some stretches which will require clicker training and I'm also to massage him after work which he'll adore. He just loves being touched!

That's it. I'm sorry for my very poor description of our current work. I'll try to elucidate when my heads a bit clearer!


trudi said...

Sounds like you've had a productive time with the boys. Don't worry your head WILL clear with time, mine gets to overload sometimes, lol.

trudi said...

Wonering where you are Jane, hope all is well and you're just busy. Hope we'll have an update soon.

trudi said...

That will be wondering of course, lol