Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Stop the bus I want to get off!

2 days of Patrice (Friday and Saturday) - still watching my lesson videos and "processing" and then I'll report, but 2 wonderful days and I feel we're really progressing! And even better so does Patrice!!

This post is an update on Bruce. Just to recap, around 6 weeks ago Bruce was very slightly lame on his front right foot. Within a couple of days he was around 4/10 lame, the vet came and thought it most likely an abcess. So we poulticed for over a week and nothing - but he improved to around 1/10 lame. Thinking it was probably just a minor sprain we rested him for another couple of weeks and then when it didn't further improve I called the vet again. Last week he went for foot xrays which were completely clear and today he was booked in to the vet hospital for soft tissue diagnostics starting with navicular bursar and coffin joint blocks with talk of exploratory surgery and/or MRI scans if nothing showed.

Hmmmmm. All this for 1/10 lameness? And what would the likely treatment be? Rest?

Mike and I, Gareth our trimmer and close horsey friends discussed likely scenarious and Mike and I decided that the risks involved in injecting into joints for the nerve blocks were not justified by such a minor lameness. Just one biggy to rule out which can present quite lame initially and then look much less so - collateral ligament.

So yesterday I spoke to the vet. Talked through our ponderings and said that instead of the nerve blocks we wanted her to scan Bruce's foot to rule out collateral ligament damage and that if the scan didn't reveal anything sinister we'd just give him some more time off.

This morning, vet R and a colleague of hers came to the yard and spent the best part of an hour taking scans and this is her report:

1/10 lame RF straight line trot, no worsening on flexion. On lunge 1-2/10 lame RF on left rein, 1-2/10 lame on right rein. A bit improved to last week.
Scanned collateral ligament, coffin joint, palmer pastern. No visible changes and all ligaments symmetrical in size.
Confirm paddock rest for 4 weeks. Give Navilox 4 1/2 scoops twice daily for 4 weeks.
Re-examine in 4 weeks if no deterioration.

So good news! Alongside the paddock rest we're going to start straight line walking around the yard (on the concrete) and perhaps also on the road - avoiding any rough or deep surfaces. I can't wait to be able to start riding Bruce again! Watching him on the lunge this morning reminded me what a super horse he is!


Kate said...

Very good news! I expect he'll improve as time goes on - glad nothing more had to be done.

Claire said...

ah good! hope the more rest works, then! otherwise, more rest, no doubt. it's SOO difficult ..

HorseOfCourse said...

Yohoo, that's good news! Congratulations!

trudi said...

Sounds like it won't be long before he's back on form; great news.