Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A small restart!

Gosh - I haven't blogged since the end of September! Shan't bore any of you with excuses but I'm in a really good place with my riding at the mo!

Having great fun with Zeffy! He's going to be one very special little horse! Now hacking on the road (first time last Sunday), confident and sane, fast but stoppable cross-country and getting better and better in the school.

Bruce is back in work. I've been hacking him but took him in the school for the first time this morning and he was amazing. He's a big horse - Patrice calls him a "supertanker" - but when he's working correctly he is so light it's amazing.

Will post in more detail, including hopefully some video of both horses. But for now I want to pay tribute to my very special and unique teacher, Patrice Edwards. Amazingly shes turned this wannabe classical rider into someone who can actually influence my horses to the good. I finally feel like I'm a trainer of horses!! Yeeha!


Kate said...

Welcome back, and glad things are going so well!

Danni said...

Great to hear from you and pleased all the gang is well. What was wrong with Bruce in the end? Last time you blogged he was lame with an indefined ailment?